Nowadays, agriculture faces many challenges. Agriculture is more complex as well as unpredictable than before. There are growing pressures from limited arable land, soil erosion, biodiversity loss, and climate change, as well as from consumers’ changing preferences in food, fiber, fuel, concerns about how it is produced and the impact to the environment. Undeniable, the natural interaction of plants, pests and diseases also continue to pose their own challenges.

Farmers must meet the changing needs of our planet. Additionally, farmers and agriculture as a business has to meet the expectations of regulators, consumers, and food processors and retailers. Farmers need to deal with many problems. For these reasons, Bachelor of Agrotechnology is the agent to answer the challenge of agriculture. Bachelor of Agrotechnology is educated to adopt and learn new technologies on the basis of agriculture as a holistic ecosystem with all its uniqueness.  Bachelor of Agrotechnology is the future farmer who will meet rising demand for higher quality of agriculture product as well as inspire young people.