The Dynamics of N2O Emission In Rice Farming Land with Fertilization and Water Management System Variation in Demakan Village, Mojolaban Subdistrict, Sukoharjo

Oleh : Maria Niken Puri Andari, Purwanto, and Djoko Mursito

Kategori : Journal Agronomy Research

Volume :  Vol 1 No 1: 49-56, Oktober 2012

Abstract :

This research aimed at determining the effect of water stress intensity on the growth, yield and anthocyanin content of Light Red and Dark Red Roselle calyxes. The research was conducted from January to June 2012 at Greenhouse of Faculty of Agriculture, University of March Surakarta. The research design used Randomized Complete Design in factorial arranged. The factors are varieties (Light Red Roselle and Dark Red Roselle), and water stress intensity (100% of field capacity/control, 75% of field capacity, 50% of field capacity, and 25% of field capacity). The results showed that water stress reduce the plant height, fresh weight of calyxes and dry weight of calyxes in both Light Red and Dark Red Roselle. The highest of anthocyanin content taken from calyxes of Light Red Roselle were result at 75% of field capacity (23,34 mg/100 g), while the Dark Red Roselle were resulted in the control/field capacity condition (174,69 mg/100 g) and decreased with increasing water stress intensity.

 Keywords: water stress, Light Red RoselleDark Red Roselleanthocyanin