Potency of Se-NPV In Controling Spodoptera Exigua on Shallot

Oleh : Pratiwi Noviayanti, Retno Wijayanti and Supyani

Kategori : Journal Agronomy Research

Volume :  Vol 1 No 1: 57-63, Oktober 2012

Abstract :

Beet army worm (BAW) (Spodoptera exigua Hubn.) has big enough damage on shallot cultivations. Management always use chemical insecticide that results adverse effect on consumer and ecosystem. Se-NPV is one of biological control agents that can control BAW. This research aimed to study the potency of Se-NPV in controling BAW and compare it with another NPV isolate (Ms-NPV) on BAW. Research carried out Completely Randomized Design method consist of 6 treatments and had been repeated four times. Research was conducted by laboratory testing (mortality, biology, larval eating ability and pupal weight) and field testing (damage intensity and field mortality). The results showed that application of Se-NPV and Ms-NPV were effective enough in controling S. exigua with the highest larval mortality at 77,5% for Se-NPV and 95% for Ms-NPV and depressed its damage intensity on shallots with the lowest intensity at 10,43%. NPV application can also affect larval period, pupal weight and adult emergence. NPV’s infection did not affect pupal period and adult period.

Key words: Se-NPV, Spodoptera exigua, shallot, biological control.